Granite Tower Capital provides full-service Mergers & Acquisition advisory services. Our team specializes in working with North American mid-market corporations. We uphold the highest level of integrity while supporting our clients in achieving their strategic objectives.

Our first priority is our clients' interests. Our team seeks to understand our clients' business and potential, and aims to serve them with industry leading professionals and best practices. As financial advisor, our role is to manage the entire M&A process by providing smart and innovate ideas. Whether you are looking to grow your business through an acquisition, or are seeking an exit strategy, our responsibility is to maximize value for all of your stakeholders.


Our success is derived by the value we create for our clients. We guide our clients through the entire buy-side process, from the generation and evaluation of potential acquisition targets to finalizing the terms. We develop thorough valuation reports by looking far beyond the numbers and analyzing the target's industry, operations, and culture. In addition to providing our expertise during the transaction process, we assist our clients during the crucial post-transaction integration period in order to ensure a fluid transition.

We support our clients by providing:

  • Target identification and screening
  • Valuation and risk analysis
  • Bidding and negotiation strategies
  • Access to global capital partners
  • Extensive due diligence
  • Post-transaction integration advisory


Divesting a private business is an intricate procedure that requires care and commitment to all stakeholders. Our team utilizes a proven process which begins with a fair opinion on valuation and price expectations. We handle all aspects of the divestiture, from due diligence to closing the deal. We facilitate a smooth negotiation process that reduces disruptions, maintains confidentiality and ensures value maximization for your shareholders, your employees, and all other stakeholders.

We provide value by offering:

  • A significant network of both strategic and financial buyers
  • Expertise in exit strategies
  • Buyer qualification analysis
  • Off-site due diligence procedures
  • Effective sales processes

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