Before any capital is raised for your company, our team will seek to understand the way your business functions by focusing on your operations, goals, and overarching strategy. We want to play an integral role in your success story, which is why we guide you through every step of the process. Should it make sense for your company to raise capital, our team can offer a wide range of customized financing options that will help fund your strategic objectives.


Our financing and capital structure advisory services include:

  • Pre-transaction due diligence and valuation reviews
  • Analysis of capital requirements
  • Formulation and execution of debt and/or equity placements* with banks, institutional investors, high net worth individuals and other related parties

*GTC does not issue public debt or equity. Should you require a public offering, GTC will contact the relevant parties and execute the transaction accordingly.

Asset Based Lending

We are committed to providing you with integrated working capital financing solutions that unlock value. Our lending group offers competitive pricing with less restrictive covenants and limited personal risk. Whether you are looking for a simple credit facility to manage day-to-day operations or a structured financing solution to fuel your strategic objectives, Granite Tower Capital Lending Group has the solution you need.

Our direct lending focus areas include:

  • Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Purchase Order Financing
  • International Trade Financing
  • International Cash Management
  • Start-Up, Exit and Restructuring Financing
  • High-Risk Financing

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